– Mission- 

Building community and children’s self-confidence through the arts.

– About –

When you walk into KidsArts you are surrounded by joy. There is joy among the staff as they are teaching what they love. There is joy among the students as they see their friends after a long day at school. The classrooms are filled with joy. Our improv troupe is cracking each other up, students learning to paint are focused, students carefully carving linoleum are watching out for each others fingers and the tap dance class is stomping their feet to a heart beat rythym.

In a world where there is distrust and fear, there is also joy. There is respect, teamwork and creative solutions to our problems. At KidsArts, we have the unique opportunity to facilitate a space where children can experience joy when they sing, dance, and paint where they can build and  play to the best of their abilities, where they can ask questions and be themselves.

– History –

KidsArts began in 1986 as an afterschool program at the Jamaica Plain Firehouse Arts Center (which was located in the current JP Licks!). In 1994, as a result of a severe financial crisis, the Firehouse Arts Center decided to close the program. Within three weeks a group of 30 parents mobilized to keep the after school program open as a parent-managed cooperative. The program moved into the Unitarian Universalist Church where it currently operates. KidsArts was incorporated in 1995 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization to continue a community-based afterschool arts program.

– Fun Fact –

KidsArts full name is the Jamaica Plain Multicultrual Afterschool Arts Program.