What is KALE?
KALE is the KidsArts Leadership Experience program for children ages 11-13.

The Details!
If your child has graduated from KidsArts or attended a Summer of Vacation program they can register for 2-5 days per week (we can support 4-5 students per day).

All KALE participants meet THURSDAY evening. From 6:00-7:30pm they eat pizza, participate in group discussions (expectations, what makes a good leader, current events and more) and take an advanced art class with Jordan. The other day(s) they choose will be the day(s) they come to KidsArts afterschool and to be the leaders. This means they will be participating in free-time, helping in homework and being good role models. They will given responsibility that does not exceed their ability. We want them to have a fun and safe space they can be themselves. They can choose any day of the week. We have set registration and cost for 2 days per week but if you would like to register for more days let us know!

This program is currently Budget Neutral to keep it open to as many KidsArts graduates as we can! If you are interested in enrolling your middle schooler please contact us.