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Afterschool Program

Welcome to the KidsArts Afterschool Program! We are committed to offering quality afterschool care for children ages 5-12 (must be enrolled in grades K-5). We offer snack, homework assistance, free play and structured art classes throughout the school year. Our teachers and staff encourage the children in developing strong, critical thinking skills and self-esteem.


  • Bus Pickup: Students arriving from school via school bus are picked up by a staff member.

  • Healthy Snack: We offer a choice of 3 or 4 items. Our selection varies but may include: A fruit or vegetable (this is always available), bread with jelly or without, home-made popcorn, cheese, hummus, animal crackers, crackers and water. We buy organic when we can!

  • Homework Assistance: Quiet time to work on homework with assistance from staff and interns is provided.

  • Freetime: This active time allows students to play games,  run around, and socialize with their friends.

  • Circle Time: Everyday we have a daily check in, play games, have conversations and learn from each other  We also present the Jam Jar! The Jam Jar celebrates students who have exhibited good or helpful behaviors.

  • Art Classes:  Students have the option of choosing between three or four classes per day each session. We offer visual arts, movement, theater, dance in as many creative ways we can think of! 

Showcase: At the end of each Session all the students have a chance to show off what they have been working on. Parents are invited to celebrate their students.

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Afterschool 2017 - 2018 rates 
2 days per week: $202 per month
3 days per week: $303 per month
4 days per week: $404 per month
5 days per week: $505 per month

+ registration fee


  • *(Prices differ based on the number of weeks in a Session, this is affected by holidays and school vacations) You may pay in installments at the end of registration once you check out. If you have a online account you may login here​.

    KidsArts is open Monday through Friday, from 2:30-6:00pm. The program begins on the first school day of the Boston Public Schools and closes on the last day of school.

    Early Release Days:
    On early release days, the program is open to regularly enrolled children at no extra cost, from 12:30 to 6:00pm.