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BPS Transportation

Students in Boston Public Schools are able to request school bus transportation from their school to KidsArts through the BPS Alternative Transportation Program. Students are dropped off at the corner of Centre St and Eliot St where they are picked up by KidsArts program staff and escorted onto KidsArts property. Many schools already have kids traveling to KidsArts so your child might be assigned to a bus that is already scheduled to stop at Eliot and Centre Streets. 

You must apply for Alternative Transportation through BPS.  The form is available here.  Please put down "KidsArts staff person" and "Centre and Eliot Streets" for person and location. 

In order for a request to be approved the requested stop (Centre and Eliot Sts) must be on one of the school’s regular bus routes and there must be a seat available on the bus. We recommend you apply as early as possible. 

Per BPS policy: Parents should be aware that the BPS does not guarantee that the request for an alternative stop will be granted. Alternative stop requests are processed in the order they are received. Please note that requests received in late August and September may take several weeks to process. The earlier you submit your request, the better your chance for approval.

Helpful information:

  • School ID and Student ID: you can get these from your school -or- by calling the BPS Transportation Department (617-635-9520)

  • Keep a receipt of your request.  Once you have completed the form, make a follow up call to BPS Transportation at 617-635-9520.

  • KidsArts parents are available to help other parents go through this process. If you have any problems, or receive a denial, please contact the KidsArts office or KA parent Susan Moir.


For additional information and policy guidelines go to the BPS Transportation website.